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The Android and IOS digital application market are flooding with mobile apps, However, there is a huge demand for innovative applications that can help access, monitor, and organize important daily events and information online. To suffice for such an exponentially growing demand, the need for unique mobile applications is becoming intense. With this agenda our team started searching for an innovative app which can help the public as our team is more inquisitive about security, we came to a conclusion and decided to make a very innovative Security related unique and innovative app which would help Women in India.

“Code Nirbhaya” is an innovative Mobile app which is going to be developed to address the Women Security Issue in India. About 65 crores of the total population are females. The crime rate against Women in India is rapidly growing and at-least 2 cases are reported on a minute. The average Police force is 150 per 1 lakh persons in India.
In the light of the recent outrage in Delhi, which shook the nation and woke us to the safety issues for our daughters, people are gearing up in different ways to fight back.Women safety has become a major issue as they can’t step out of their house at any given time due to physical/sexual abuse and a fear of violence. Even in the 21st century where the technology is rapidly growing and new gadgets were developed, but still women and girls are facing issues. Women are adept at mobilizing diverse groups for a common reason. They often work across ethnic, religious, political, and cultural divides to promote liberty. We are all aware of the importance of women’s safety, but we must analyze that they should be properly protected.

Most of the Crime against women happens as they were not reported timely and thus the force is not able to reach the spot on time. Thus we decided to develop an innovative app for women security and also a unique one.

There are already a lot of apps related to women security, but none of them are successful yet due to many reasons. Our team is working to fulfill the limitations of existing various apps available and to produce a unique and innovative app for Indian Women. We understand our responsibility and objective as a government of India recognized startup company and Our whole management and Technical resource is committed to bringing in innovative products to the Indian / global software market.

Our goal is to develop a more powerful, innovative product to protect women in public, which works on their smart-phones, and in times of distress, sends streaming videos, audios and GPS location data to the nearest Police Officer and her family members and even when there is less or even no mobile signals. Keeping this in mind we are consulting various police forces in India to create the most innovative and efficient app. Our Research and development services team and application development services team is working jointly to complete the full SRS with a single focus to address all loopholes in the efficiency and accuracy of the project currently named as “Code Nirbhaya”. Once we complete the full scope, we will start the development phase. Also, we will approach the national companies to sponsor us since fund support from them can be done as a part of their CSR activities.

We will make the application a paid application, ones this innovative product grabs full attention and satisfaction from the women in India. OverView - “Code Nirbhaya”, innovative Women Safety App.

The Project ideation phase has been started in the remembrance of Nirbhaya and is expected to complete in a year Dec 2018. Our Team is working on the project to bring the latest and effective technologies including IOT, GIS, GPS which helps for the effective incident reporting with accurate details and to work even there is less or no mobile signals All this effort is to make the application an innovative, unique and helpful to public as its a social cause. Many discussions as a part of the project study are going on with state Police forces, NGOs and government officials to make this effective and useful for the public. This innovative Project is to ensure the safety of women and helps to identify and call on resources to help the one out of dangerous situations.

This innovative project is been Officially Lead By Mr. Rajesh Kumar.S, who has been instrumental in the development and deployment of multiple successful innovative applications Across the country. In the past, he has automated many organizations like Bureau of Indian Standards, Tata Institute of Social Science, Indian Institute of Science and Education research, Indian Plywood research industries, IISR, Etc.In his career, he has made 13 very successful, innovative products and sold across 24 states and in six different business verticals.

Please go through the profile for more info about the Mentor of this innovative product.

Though, due to the confidentiality rights of this innovative product, we can’t disclose much about the product. However, the below are the glimpse of few areas of the product.

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Available Soon on
iOS & Android

Code Nirbhaya app will be made available for both flavors.

App Work Flow

Support Requirements

We would require the support of the state govt and Central govt to position this application effectively to the public once we develop the beta version. We will approach the concerned officials right from the home ministry to various police chiefs and Chief ministers to actively spread the application to reach out to the women in India.

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